Sunday, January 3, 2016

Cách chuyển bài nhạc from youtube............


Do you have some songs you'd really love to hear or take with you on your computer, but don't want to mess around with downloading applications you have no idea how to use? 
Meet - this handy website will download the audio track of ANY YouTube video you want in 4 easy steps! 

Click here to go to the site Instructions are simple as can be:

--   Step 1: Find the YouTube video you want to download music from. 
--   Step 2: Find the URL of the video as shown in the following image and copy this URL by highlighting it with your mouse and pressing ctrl + C or clicking with the right mouse button and selecting 'COPY'. 
--  Step 3: PASTE the URL of the video to the empty field on the site, and click on 'convert video' 
--  Step 4: Once the download is ready (takes no more than 30 seconds), click on 'download'. 

The audio will now be downloaded to your computer as an mp3 audio file! 

Now you can put it on any device you want to enjoy your favorite music!

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